The Camp Streeters


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Camp Streeters Live!

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The Camp Streeters

Pipp Gillette…drums and vocals
Steve James….electric guitar and ¬†vocals

East Texas Juke Joint Music

Named for their home base in Crockett, Texas, this duo carries on one of the missions of the Camp Street Cafe; playing and singing a heady mixture of East Texas blues, country and roots music.
Friends since their teens, Steve and Pipp have always shared a love of music in general, and the sounds ¬†of Texas icons like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb in particular.
“That’s what we’re goin’ for,” says guitarist James, “that basic Brazos bottoms boogie and all that crazy two-beat stuff that crawled out of the swamp a hundred years ago.
Ever since we were kids, I dug Pipp’s singing and drumming; so when he told me he wanted to get back on the skins, I was, like…Yeah!”